HCG Diet Plan Recipes for Each Phase

There is a common misconception that HCG is a wonder drug and that it will take away all your body fats without you doing anything. Truth be told, HCG requires what is called a diet protocol in which your meals are planned carefully during the different phases of the diet plan.

hcg dietThe diet basically consists of a low calorie set of meals that will induce starvation and force your body to convert excess fats into usable ones. The diet plan is planned in such a way that it prevents the body from losing essential nutrients to keep it functioning well. In this article, we will be showing different recipes as you progress along the different phases of the HCG diet protocol.

Set-Up Phase

Everybody who has gained weight is likely a fan of meat. Large portions of meat will have to go if you are in an HCG diet plan, most especially so if you are in the first stages of the program. The dishes below are designed to give your body just enough protein to repair damaged cells while you are abstaining from meat. The set-up phase comprises of the first two days of your program in the HCG diet plan.

Chicken Cabbage Soup

For this recipe, you need to prepare two small cabbages, chopped. Chop one medium red onion and add three stalks of celery, chicken parts with the skin remove, shredded carrots, and salt and pepper to taste. The breast part of the chicken is the best pat to use because it has the lowest fat content. To cook, boil until everything is tender to your taste.

Asparagus Fish Gourmet

Preheat your oven to 400F while preparing the ingredients. Place the asparagus in a tin foil and sprinkle pepper and salt. Lay the fish on top of the asparagus and leave it there for 30 minutes. On a bowl, combine lemon juice and oregano. Beat the mixture and pout over the fish before baking.

Building Phase

This is comprised of the third to 20th day of your HCG diet plan. This is a critical phase because this is the period where your brain is being conditioned to improve metabolism—burn fat faster—and help the brain regain control over your body weight. It is in this phase that you are controlling your carbohydrate intake.

Chunky Beef Stew

This is a recipe that requires beef chunks, sliced onions, chopped parsley, garlic paste, and chopped carrots. To prepare, fry the beef chunks in low oil until cooked. Add all the ingredients plus a little water. Add any sauce to your taste. You may also add bay leaves and olive oil if you want. Simmer for another half hour until beef is tender. Serve with rice.

The HCG Fruit Salad

Now this is fairly simple. You only need blueberries, bananas, strawberries, and pineapple slices. Use the same amount per fruit and mix altogether with your favourite salad dressing. This is a great dessert that is rich in fiber, vitamin B complex, vitamin C, and omega3-fatty acids.

Maintenance Phase

It is during this phase where your body will now need to maintain its calorie requirement but not exceed it. Comprised of day 20 onwards, it is likely that you have had lapses in your discipline. These lapses will result to drawbacks and are expected.

Spicy Thai Salad

To prepare this, you need two slices of cabbages. You also need lettuce and small green onions. Once ready, mix altogether in a large bowl and use extra virgin olive oil. Add apple cider vinegar to taste and sprinkle the salad with cayenne pepper or ground red chilli.

The HCG Onion Soup

Steam the onions until tender, Chop them and then set aside. Prepare three cups of vegetable broth. Cook the chopped onions with parsley in olive oil. Add salt and pepper to taste then add celery and ground chilli. Add the vegetable broth then simmer to a boil.

Stabilization Phase

This is the last phase of the diet plan and this is where you will maintain a 500-calorie diet on a daily basis. It is during this phase that you must not exceed 500 calories per day. If you do, the HCG drops will not be as effective.

Spicy Cheese Tacos

To start off, you need cheese slices, ground beef, cumin and chilli powder, salt, minced onion and garlic powder, and oregano. In a large bowl, mix all the ingredients together except the ground beef and sliced cheese.

Cook the ground beef in a pan of olive oil. Drain once cooked then set aside. Add all the spices from the bowl and add 2/3 cup of water. Boil the mixture for about 10 minutes. Put the beef in taco shells and grate some cheese over it.

We understand that being on HCG diet can be tough. But we also know that this does not mean giving up great food. What we believe in is that you can enjoy good food and all it takes is moderation. In any weight loss endeavour, there is really no food that you should abandon for as long as you are in full control of the portions that you eat.

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The Military Challenge Coin Game Tradition

One of the best rewards given to a person in the military for a job well done is custom military coins. Commonly used in the military before, these custom military coins are now also given to and collected by other non-military entities like the police and fire fighting departments, who have their own customized versions of these coins. Whether you are in the Army, the Navy or the Air Force, these military coins are ways to recognize that you have made a big impact not only in your military unit but also in the whole military as well.

custom military coinsThese custom military coins are also made to quickly identify a person based on his military affiliation. From as early as World War I until now, soldiers are known to always keep these military coins. All coin bearers keep these coins and bring them everywhere they go. These coins also serve as a reminder for each individual that they are part of the military and their serving unit. Each military coin serves as a constant memory reminder which comes along with it.

Another main reason why each member of the military needs to bring their own military coin everywhere they go is because of an old military tradition. This has been a tradition among all ranks and should not be broken nor skipped by anyone. The own military coin should be with the soldier or coin bearer all the time because of the military challenge coin game which may happen anywhere, at any time.

When a soldier initiates a military challenge coin game, he or she can do it anywhere, at anytime he wants. The military challenge coin game can be held in a bar, in a restaurant, in the field or even in the soldier’s quarters. Before the game starts, the challenger or the person who started the military challenge coin game must bring out his or her military coin for everyone to see. After everyone sees the military coin the challenger holds up, an announcement that a military coin check-up will be made should be shouted for everyone to hear.

Most of the military challenge coin games are initiated by the challenger. However, there are also some times that a military challenge coin game has started without a challenger or an individual’s intention. If a military coin drop on the table or on the floor, as long as someone heard the sound the coin made upon dropping, a military challenge coin game can be initiated.

Once a military challenge game has started, all members of the military unit need to participate. Each person must present his or her own military coin during the coin check-up. If someone cannot find or show his or her own coin, then, that person needs to take the consequences or punishment.

At the end of the game, the person who was not able to show his or her military coin needs to buy a round of drinks for everyone who were able to show their military coins. However, in the event that everyone were able to present their own military coins during the game, then, the challenger who initiated the challenge, needs to buy a round of drinks for everyone.

If a person does not want to participate in the military challenge coin game, then, he or she will be required to buy a round of drinks for everyone who joined the challenge. In any case that the loser refused to buy a round of drinks for all the winners, then, that person would need to face the consequences too. Some of the consequences that a person may get are to be sanctioned by all the participants or worse, to be forced to hand in his issued custom military coins.

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The Evolution of Golf Clubs

Golf has come a long way since it was first developed in the 1800s. The game has become more sophisticated over the years, with courses becoming tougher and technologies becoming more advanced. At the same time, more people are getting engaged in the game and competitions are becoming better and stronger. One of the things that sped up the evolution of the game of golf is the technology involved in the equipment. One piece of equipment in particular that benefited from technological advances are golf clubs. This article will put this evolution to perspective.

golf clubsThe real origins of golf are being disputed by a number of historians. The earliest signs of the game are traced in China. In the game of Chuiwan, balls are hit into holes using clubs that are bejeweled. Clubs being excavated are believed to have been developed anywhere between the 9th and 12th centuries. The first evidence of modern golf is seen in Europe in the 14th century. While evidences of the game can also be seen in the Netherlands, it is Scotland that is credited for creating golf as we know it. As for the clubs, the material of choice back in the day is wood.

When golf made its way to the United States in the 1800s, the game was developed further. Together with this development, the sophistication of golf clubs also significantly increased. During this time, the most common wood used to construct these clubs is wood from hickory trees. In the same century, golfers also recognized that the head, the part that strikes the ball, should be made of a harder material both for propelling the ball far and for longer durability. Because of this, persimmon, a harder, denser kind of wood, is used for creating the heads.

It won’t be long before steel, the most basic material used for making golf clubs nowadays, is incorporated into the construction. It first started with the heads with the development of drop forging technology. With drop forging, mass produced steel heads became possible. It won’t be long until steel actually makes it as a component in shafts. In 1931, Billy Burke won the US Open while using steel-shafted clubs that are painted to resemble wood. It has given him a major advantage as steel is more durable and relays force to the ball more efficiently.

By 1939, it has been mandated that golfers can only carry up to 14 clubs with him/her in a single round. This is considered a huge shift at the time, as a number of golfers use up to 30 different kinds of clubs back in the day. This development’s direct benefit is that the contents of a golfer’s bag are drastically reduced. At the same time, it forced the makers to create a standard in which clubs are made. This is the time when particular parameters for the crafting of drivers, irons, wedges, and putters have been established. It also paved the way for the creation of hybrid clubs.

Since the 1950s, golf club makers have dabbled with the technology of golf clubs with the aim of improving its performance. Thru various adjustments, they allowed golfers to strike the ball with higher strength and accuracy. Lightweight components such as aluminum and graphite became feasible alternatives for steel, especially for women and the elderly. Later on, advanced materials such as carbon fiber and composite resin made it to the construction of golf clubs. Even the weight distribution of the club construction has been tinkered to help the golfer hit his/her target straight. Nowadays, clubs that have adaptable heads are currently being developed.

With people’s knowledge of the game and technology expanding, there are more technologies that are expected to come in the horizon. In the aim to be the best, club makers would put all the stops to ensure theirs are the best golf clubs on the market. Of course, the biggest winners of this continuing evolution are the players.

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The Wholesale Lanyards: Bringing You The Best Logo Lanyards

Lanyards have been put in the spotlight for a long time now but their fame seems to never wear off through the years. They have become essential in everyone’s life as holders of important items. Everywhere, busy people are wearing lanyards where their identification cards are clipped on. Some teens have their cell phones, cameras, or mp3 players dangling from their neck with the use of lanyards. Lanyards are used by adults as key or pouch holders. Small lanyards can be made and put on children’s clothes so the children will not have a hard time pulling their zippers up or down. Lanyards clearly have so many uses that they are the kind of items that shouldn’t be put aside.

wholesalelanyardsLogo Lanyards are wide strap lanyards imprinted with various designs from cartoon and game characters, words like mottos or tag lines, and different logos. Because of this, logo lanyards have also become a widely used promotional method by a lot of companies and other establishments. It’s a good way to market establishments, businesses and charities and spread messages in an effective way.

Buying lanyards is very inexpensive. Lanyards are being sold in every stall together with other accessories like bracelets and small stuffed toys. Sometimes lanyards have a small stuffed toy attached to them, encouraging the female population to buy the lanyard together with the stuff toy. Lanyards like this are good as gifts.

Logo lanyards with cartoon characters and school logos are more popular among school children. Schools can give free lanyards with the school name and logo during the students’ orientation or they can sell it in the school’s stores. Some college students love to have their school logos printed on their lanyards to show that they are proud to be accepted in that school. Because of the popularity of lanyards, people also learned how to make one. They use low-priced plastic cords from craft shops. Sometimes they use the method of stitching or braiding to make a lanyard. Establishments order them in bulk to sell or to give for free, as a form of advertisement.

Many companies have been manufacturing high quality logo lanyards for over years. Online stores are full of information about lanyards. Customers will know a lot about what a lanyard is and how it is made by using different materials. They also provide themes for the lanyards and different attachments or hardware that are customized for holding different items, like the split rings for key chain materials, quick release buckles to remove and connect the attached item on the lanyard, and water-bottle holders.

Lots of shops also offer several printing methods to choose from. They have hot stamping, screen printing, full color, laser engraving and embossing.

Hot stamping is a method where the design of the customer is made on the heated plate and a colored film is put on the lanyard. The plate then is pressed on the lanyard heating the colored film. Screen printing on the other hand provides a more durable print with high quality design. A screen is formed into the customer’s design and it was placed on the lanyard and colored ink is applied on the screen. Full color imprints the design in full color while using a four color process. Laser engraving is made with the use of a laser to engrave the image on the lanyard while embossing is a method of stamping images or words on the material.

With the high quality materials and these methods, many companies make sure that their logo lanyards are created in the best way possible. Customers will surely love to have their lanyards crafted in such stores.

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The Basics of Printed Circuit Board Fabrication

The PCB or printed circuit board looks like a little green chip of electronic components soldered on a board to form a circuit where electricity flows. These boards are found in almost all electronics and gadgets to control different functions. Each printed circuit board has its own function in each device. For example, the keypad on cellular phones has its own PCB and the LED screen also has its own. Each board is assembled meticulously through PCB fabrication. Through this process, the electronic components are printed on top of the substrate which holds them together. This would mean that each resistor and capacitor is soldered individually to the board. For the PCB to work properly, contact fingers connect the other PCBs to external switches. Throughout history, the process of manufacturing evolved from manual to computer-assisted methods.

The PCB fabrication method is the whole process of building a printed circuit board to be put inside electronics and gadgets. The first thing to do is to list the different parts of the PCB. The detailed list is called the Bill of Materials. Each electronic part is named using a reference designator and a description of the part. The computer engineer can also add more information on tips and information about the assembly process.

PCB fabricationThe second step in the process of printed circuit board fabrication is to build a schematic diagram to show the location of the different electronic parts to be printed on the board. When designing the schematic diagram, the Bill of Materials is needed to assign the reference designators.

Another important aspect in manufacturing PCB is the data sheets. When designing the board itself, the dimensions of each electrical component will be needed to properly align the spacing between each of them to avoid short circuit.

Once the plan has been designed and well laid-out, it’s important to pick the best material and right dimensions of the board. The board should fit inside the case of the electronic and be as small as possible. Some containers are irregularly shaped, depending on the electronic where it is going to be used. Today’s technology has provided a way to make these boards smaller without having to sacrifice the quality. Usually, computer engineers use the aid of a computer to solder the components together.

The PCB should also contain the right type of material. There are two common types of materials used to build the circuit board; one is the fiberglass and the other is the phenolic. Usually, phenolic is used because it is cheaper and easier to cut compared to fiberglass. If the contractor wants a sturdier material which is also longer lasting, fiberglass is used in PCB fabrication.

Besides the material and the dimension of the board, it is also important to decide whether the copper layer would be laminated on one side, two sides of one layer or many layers. This process would depend on the function of the printed circuit board.  Normally, a complex function would require the interconnections of multi-layer copper sheets to provide more space within the electronic components.

These are only the preliminaries of PCB fabrication and the process itself requires more complex methods such as etching, soldering and laminating. If you are in need of someone who could build complex printed circuit boards for your device, there are websites available on the internet which could help you create the type of PCB you need. These companies use PCB CAD software which specializes in designing intricate layouts of the circuit boards. Through the assistance of the computer, the computer engineers can accurately put together the electronic components to function the way it should.

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The Advertising Mediums of SEO You May End Up Passing UP

There are currently many different things that you can do to build your market share online. Some of them are basic and some of them are complex in nature. You’ll find that if you push through the basic ones, you could run into some issues, and end up giving up on the whole marketing process altogether. Many people end up seeing that as a breaking point when setting up a website. If you’re going to make a move online to get a sustainable amount of marketing balance, you’re going to have to look into this carefully. The slowest method of marketing and one of the most complex, is that of SEO. The reason why this is slow is because there are a lot of moving parts that you have to take care of in order to do it correctly. However, if you are able to do it the right way, you are going to end up with an outcome that will definitely give you a huge jump in competitive circles.

The problems with SEO however is that there is a lot of ways that you can mess it up. If you mess it up, you will get penalized by search engines and that’s another can of worms that you are going to have to deal with as a whole. It’s an absolute that many people have to deal with on a regular basis and it is not something that you are going to be able to just pass up on your way to get more traffic. Since this is a slow moving method, it may cause some issues with your immediate launch of a website. If you have in mind to set up a site that will give you a huge push forward in terms of marketing collateral, you are going to be disappointed with how SEO is going to work out for you. It’s for that reason that you may want to look into the advertising side of things.

As you look at advertising, you are going to find that it’s something that is absolutely necessary to movements forward and building on the right collateral that will give you traffic. Do this correctly and you’re going to end up with something that is not only compelling, but will definitely give you a driving point forward.

PPC (First)

The first major element of advertising that you are going to run into as you start to look at what is possible is that of PPC. This stands for pay per click, and it’s by far one of the more compelling elements of marketing that you are going to find. With this, you could cut in front of the line in every search request that is in your niche. You will not have to pay for anything unless someone clicks on the ad, and that is definitely interesting. You could end up paying a lot of money for the inclusion, however, and that’s something that you are going to have to definitely look into as a whole. PPC marketing is a good way to introduce your page to new traffic, but if you rely on it too long, you could end up neglecting SEO and that hurts you on another end.

Social Networking Boosts

SEORight now social media will allow you to advertise a number of different services and products by simply looking at boosting your posts. If you want to get to a point where you’re rising high through the networking collateral that is out there, you’ll find that you need to work within social networks, and boost the content that you create within it. You have to balance this out in a very particular manner, because if you don’t, you could end up losing market share and that’s not good. Focus on social media elements that are going to allow you to highlight the right elements of your page and increase the awareness through advertising. You’ll find that this is similar to that of PPC with a twist, so look at this as a similar entity, and marginal in success ratio.

Banner Ads (CPM)

Believe it or not, millions of websites still allow this type of advertising. You will find that banner ads will allow you to gain leverage through a variety of different elements online. If you want to gain market share through this opportunity, you will want to work within the parameters of CPM. That means that your banner will get shown 1,000 times before you have to pay anything. In some cases you could get CPM to be as low as a nickel or less. Finding a good site to place banners can be tough, but there are definitely networks that are doing this and allowing sites of all different backgrounds to get a helping hand in this arena.

The above elements are just a few advertising solutions that play well with SEO and should not be missed. You shouldn’t use these as replacements for SEO but rather have them work together. When you have more than one marketing channel on your side, you end up with a proper arrangement moving forward, and that’s well worth investing into. Just remember that this all takes time to test and market, so don’t rush anything.

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