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Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing Campaign :

2adventure200What is an Intraxion Interenet Marketing Campaign?

Marketing your business online can be a multi-faceted effort that may include:



  • search engine optimization for top rankings
  • search engine advertising, PPC
  • banner, and text advertising
  • usability improvements
  • public relations
  • blogs
  • newsfeeds
  • podcasts
  • other means of communicating about a product or service


                       Online Marketing Strategy


Intraxion offers a strategic approach to marketing online. Our results-oriented approach to online marketing goes beyond basic search engine optimization and submissions. A top ranking is not worth much unless it generates leads and sales.

Targeted site traffic

Site traffic alone is not enough, you have to get the right visitors. Intraxion will help you attract prospects that are looking for your product or service. We will help you find and attract the right customer group for your site and increase the site traffic.

Convert visit into a sale or lead

You need to understand your customer buying process, and match your marketing effort to the prospects timetable. Communicate quickly that you can deliver what the customer wants and interact often enough with the customer for them to take action. You have to demonstrate that you can deliver on your promises, fulfill or exceed their expectations and support their needs.

Online Marketing Plan

Intraxion will help you create a plan to answer some of the following questions:

  • Are you getting the right visitors?
  • How can you increase the number of visitors?
  • What do they do once they arrive?
  • How can you increase the number of leads or sales?
  • Is your site promotion efforts supported by your traditional or offline marketing efforts?
  • Is you traditional marketing (off-line) supported by your internet marketing?
  • How can your internet marketing better support your business?
  • Can you do it faster and cheaper?

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Website Statistics and Keyword Analytics

  • A hosted service to track 100′s of real-time website statistics
  • Comprehensive search engine and search term analysis
  • Integrated search engine ranking and link popularity reports
  • Set up e-mail alerts for traffic spikes and click fraud detection
  • Pay-per-click conversion tracking and much more!